Because Dads Love Pie (Pie for Fathers Day)

fathers-day-pieI know I know, Father day is approaching,
you have no idea and even less time,
but for heaven sake -
it’s just one time a year!
What you say for the idea that instead of traditional
greeting cards send pie. Lucky for me,
Achatz Handmade Pie Co. has come up
with a genius alternative.Mail order pies!
But call me old-fashioned, I love the smell
of homemade pies, and like most of us
here like to get hands smeared with flour.So in honor of our fathers, we prepare little pies collection, in the hope that they will like it. Be our guest and enjoy!


Fathers day pie illustration from


Fathers day pie illustration from purejoyeventsblog


Fathers day pie illustration from jjgandys



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