This Summer Must-Try Pies #1

Mmm, mmm, pie…..It’s summertime and the living is easy, so why don’t we
try classic summer dessert, and for good reason: Perhaps no other dish so
captures the essence of the season’s best fruit happily baked in warm home
kitchens this time of year. So we made a list of pie’s that you must try
this summer.
There’s something for everyone: Fruit-lovers will swoon over sassy
ginger-peach pie, stone fruit pie, Blueberry Almond and Amaretto Quinoa
Crisp, or the delicious Concord Grape Pie ; traditionalists won’t be
disappointed with version of Rum-Butter Cheddar Grilled Apple Pie or Peach
Melba Pie ; and chocolate lovers can look forward to the sumptuous deep-
dish black bottom pie or Dark chocolate, Raspberry and Hazelnut Tarts.

Whether you make your’s perfect pie crust or use a store-bought crust to
save time, top off your warm, freshly baked slice with a generous scoop of
ice cream, and you’ve got the perfect end-note to any summer get together.
Let’s get started with a pie from nice homecooking blog sassydining

This summer-fresh pie has all the juicy taste of peaches along with a zip
of ginger, a little different but so tasty.
This pie requires a top and bottom crust, filling is made of lemon juice,
ginger, cinnamon, sugar, and cornstarch. Sprinkle with turbinado sugar on
top. An ideal dessert for a barbeque or picnic.

ginger-peach pie

ginger-peach pie

ginger-peach pie

ginger-peach pie

Find the recipe at



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