Simply as a Pie

A pie is symbol of home, tradition and plenty.
Pies are the ultimate home-baked treat.
The smell of a freshly baked pie cooling on the windowsill reminds of
childhood and is etched in the memory of many of us.

                                                         A good pie crust need to be
flaky, tender and golden brown
with flavor good enough
to eat without any filling at all


A sweet pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough
(crust), that covers completely or contains a filling of various
sweet ingredients.




Sweet pies we can distinguish according to type of crust, single-crust
or bottom-crust , top-crust pie, two-crust pie, Flaky Crust, Mealy Crust or according to the type of filling :
Apple pie, Cherry pie, Pecan pie, Pumpkin pie, Strawberry pie….and many many more

Everything that goes into
the pie crust should be
cold, cold, cold.



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